Unagi vs Salmon

Located outside Icon Village mall, Unagi vs Salmon is a homegrown Japanese restaurant. It has as its best seller, yes you guessed it, a bowl of Unagi and Salmon with an assortment of various savoury vegetables. Filming the process was a fun experience but tasting it was even better.

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What we did

This brand has always had a very homey feel with welcoming staff and best of all was their food! They have a range of dishes and as the name suggests, revolves around unagi and salmon. Not only did we want to portray how delicious their food are but we also wanted to showcase their assortment of veggies that is served with every meal! Having the bright colours of the veggies contrast with the darker colours of the dish really helped to bring that aspect out. Onigeeks content aims to understand our client’s  wants and making their wants come through, through a lens!

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