Clubhouse SG

Located in the heart of Tanjong Pagar, Clubhouse SG is a bar cum virtual golf course. They serve awesome bar food and feature several high-tech virtual golf ranges. They hold a luxurious VIP area on their second floor for their most exclusive customers. We were engaged to curate a video for their famous pepperoni pizza to market their best selling food item.

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What we did

Like wise with all our F&B clients Onigeeks aims to showcase all that our clients have to offer! We love delicious food and we love sharing them with everyone! With their videos we wanted to capture the essence of their pepperoni pizza, the process of how its made and how each part comes together to create a mouthwatering piece of beauty! We shot it in a way that people could see the whole process of how it’s made, a process not widely available to everyone and after seeing the effort they put into each dish, it just makes the dish a whole lot better!

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